Christine McGuinness says 'obviously' and defends herself over personal update

Christine McGuinness has said "jokes obviously" as she defended herself over a recent Instagram upload. The ITV The Games star and BBC documentary maker, who starred in Pilgrimage on BBC Two earlier this year, shared a recent roll of snaps on her Instagram Grid.

She typed: "This weeks roll. I prefer to say “Free Spirit” because it sounds sweeter than slightly unhinged and out of control." She then clarified: "Jokes obviously I’m in my ‘solitude girl era’ embracing every part of myself because with self acceptance, love and care.. you become unstoppable."

"Love this! When we lean into our neurodivergence we flourish! No apologies to people and no explanations," a fan told her in reply. "You’d lost me when you were stood on your head then i got to the penultimate photo where your meditating in the car," a second wrote.

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It comes after Christine, a mum-of-three, who split from ex Paddy two years ago, explained she was going to make the most of the spring half term with a well-deserved break. She posted a snap from a flight this week and commented: "I hope you all had a wonderful bank holiday.

"And to the mummy's, daddy's, carers. ... I hope your half term is fun, calm and filled with making memories." Christine shared a snap of a palm tree from her sunny destination and said: "I've never flown into a sunset before. It was dreamy. I love that 'catching flights' is just a thing we do now. Proud."

It comes after Christine said it's a firm 'no' to a number of her admirers who are often sliding into her DMs asking her out. She posted screenshot messages with one reading: "Whenever you're ready, I'll sing in the car with you!" while another said: "Don't you get bored alone? I'd love to fill your free time. I don't mind waiting around for you. It would be a pleasure. I really admire what you're doing."

In response, Christine said: "No no nooo," alongside a dancing emoji and a crying laughing emoji. She added: "These DMs are actually lovely compared to what I used to get! But I'm not looking for greener grass, I'm happy just watering my own for now."