Christmas 2011: Unique L.A. Dodgers Team Gifts

Each holiday season, Christmastime becomes tense for those seeking the perfect L.A. Dodgers MLB team gift. After all, jerseys are great, but the person you give them to is likely to have one already.

In the search for unique Dodgers presents, a few sources are putting out some of their best merchandise for Christmas 2011.

Etsy's handmade Dodgers MLB gifts

This year, crafters and artists are having a lot of fun with baseball-related holiday gifts. A majority of these items are made with recycled vintage baseball cards and crafting fabric licensed by MLB. Among the most unique offerings are Dodgers cuff links that feature the hand stitching of a baseball, jewelry in team colors, spirit tutus, a California license plate Dodgers sculpture, fancy Swavorski-encrusted Dodgers ID badges, and a handmade Dodgers-logo crocheted baseball cap for newborns.

Stylish MLB sports accessories

After gleaning many websites, a clear winner is's MLB L.A. Dodgers toaster that brands a team logo onto every slice. Runners up at include the Dodgers colorblock plush Santa hat and a Dodgers trailer hitch. For the home, consider a unique pub table with bar stools, a hammer or a shower curtain.

Major retailers have a few unique MLB gifts

Although they all seem to be specializing in team shirts or blankets, there are a few items at major retailers that you will not want to overlook. Included in the move toward throwback fashion, there is a vintage looking L.A. Dodgers scarf, and the Yahoo! Sports Store contains the matching vintage Dodgers knit beanie cap. Over at, Guidecraft has the child-size Dodgers rocking chair.

Expanded MLB Christmas gift section at Yahoo! Sports Shop

The Yahoo! Sports Shop is representing winter sports in a big way this holiday season. As far as unique goes, there are definitely a lot of Dodgers items items at the Yahoo! store that get in some laughs.

For example, in addition to a gnome ornament, there is also an L.A. Dodgers-themed tree skirt, kids' pacifiers, a Matt Kemp Hair-itage stache and beard stencil outline T-shirt, and a plush L.A. royal blue dangle Santa hat. For unique upscale items, consider the L.A. Dodgers brown deluxe leather laptop messenger bag.

This year, the Yahoo! Sports Shop is also amping up the trends for women's Dodgers merchandise. Featured are a fun bowler purse, a compact jersey style bag, and an MVP tote purse with a zipper. Other feminine Dodgers items include a soft white crocheted cap.

Altogether, there are a multitude of online options for Christmas 2011 that are sure to please any Dodgers fan on your list.