Emotional Christmas advert for Dutch pharma firm DocMorris has viewers welling up with tears

Ross McGuinness
·2-min read

Watch: Christmas advert leaves viewers in tears

A promo for a Dutch pharmaceutical company has been unofficially crowned the king of this year’s tearjerking Christmas adverts.

Anyone left slightly underwhelmed that the snowmen in the 2020 John Lewis Christmas offering didn’t have them in floods of tears should find comfort in the commercial for DocMorris.

The company, based in the Netherlands, used German agency Jung von Matt to create its heartrending advert about a grandfather training to get in shape for Christmas while self-isolating during the coronavirus pandemic.

 Christmas advert for a Dutch phramceutical company (DocMorris)
The Christmas advert for a Dutch pharmaceutical company has been viewed millions of times. (DocMorris)

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In the advert, which lasts two minutes and 40 seconds, an elderly man is seen trying to get up early each morning to lift a kettlebell.

His plan is sparked by a glance at an unseen framed photo and a Christmas tree outside.

He continues to work out regularly, much to the annoyance of a neighbour and the confusion of his family, including his grandchildren.

But as the advert draws to a close, a Christmas visit and a special present reveal just why he had been breaking his back every morning with all that effort.

We won’t spoil the advert for you, but let’s just say you may have something in your eye after watching.

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The advert has been viewed on YouTube more than 6.9 million times.

It ends with the tagline, “So you can take care of what matters in life”.

An elderly man tries to get in shape for Christmas in the heartwarming advert. (DocMorris)
In the advert, a grandfather works out using a kettlebell. (DocMorris)

The advert is part of the Dutch company’s “Take Care” campaign.

In the video’s YouTube description, DocMorris said: “This year is the best gift of all that we are fine and healthy. That is why your health is also a matter close to our heart.

“DocMorris wishes you and all your relatives a happy and unforgettable celebration. Stay healthy!”

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