Christmas Crackers With Diamond Gifts Will Cost You £1 MILLION

Christmas cracker gifts tend to be things like key rings, bookmarks or miniature plastic combs - but now you can get DIAMONDS inside.

Well, you can if you have £1m to spare, as that’s how much this little lot will set you back.

Created by House of Crackers, this handcrafted collection features six diamonds from award-winning jeweller Tresor Paris.

Pricey gifts: Diamonds are everyone’s best friends (Rex)

As this is a fairly costly set of crackers, they are not made from tissue paper - the company has used exotic paper from India, sheer ribbon from Cheshire, poinsettia flowers and - for that extra soft touch - goose feathers.

Director of Tresor Paris, Salim Hasbani said: “From the oval, princess and step cut, to the round, pear and marquise: the recipients will be thrilled with the brilliance and clarity in each.

“And we’ll set each in a beautifully designed piece of jewellery.”

Luxurious: No whoopee cushions will be found in this lot (Rex)

Co-founder David Snook added: “We have been involved in some extremely unusual cracker creations, but never anything quite as remarkable as this.”

Usually Christmas cracker gifts are left on the table and chucked in the bin after the roast turkey - do NOT do that if you buy these ones.

If you do have a spare £995,000 lying around (and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t?), then you can pick some up from