Christmas Decoration Explodes Causing Distressed Toddler to Quickly Crawl Away

A toddler escape without injury when a Christmas decoration exploded in her home in Maple Ridge, British Colombia on November 20.

The toddler, Melanie, was helping set up the Christmas decoration with her Dad, Kyle Benzies. The incident was capture on Benzies’ home Nest Camera.

Benzies told Storyful, “I were setting up a Holiday Reindeer decoration. One to Two seconds after plugging in, the units transformer blew up, and caught fire within about a foot of both my daughter and I.”

According to CTV the product was a Home Accents Holiday 42 inch Silver Sparkling Doe, and was purchased at Home Depot, Langley, British Colombia.

Home Depot spokesperson Paul Berto told Storyful, “The health and safety of our customers is our top priority, and we apologize to our customer and their family. I can assure you that we take this matter very seriously and our merchants and suppliers are investigating the situation.”

Benzies also told Storyful, "Nobody was physically injured, but my daughter is still scared, and has had some nightmares about fire, and “bangs” in her sleep." Credit: Kyle Benzies via Storyful