Christopher Abbott Reveals He Made $3K Per ‘Girls’ Episode: ‘It Really Wasn’t Much’

Christopher Abbott is revealing how much it cost to be one of the few boys on “Girls.”

The actor told Interview magazine while in conversation with Jerrod Carmichael that the first time he felt financially secure as a working actor was after he booked “Girls,” despite the pay not being much compared to really “making TV money.”

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“It was probably around the time when I did the first season of ‘Girls,’ because I was also doing a Broadway play at the time, ‘The House of Blue Leaves.’ I still wasn’t making that much money,” Abbott said. “I was a guest star on ‘Girls,’ and HBO at the time, minimum guest star pay was, I don’t know, $3,000 an episode or something. It really wasn’t much.”

He added, “Broadway must have been like $800 a week. But at the time I was like, ‘Man, I’m raking this shit in.’ I knew actors were making more money than I was, but I felt like I was doing alright.”

The “Sanctuary” actor told IndieWire earlier this year that he would not reprise his iconic role of Charlie in the HBO series created by Lena Dunham at any point. “No, I don’t think so,” Abbott said.

The star appeared in the first two seasons of the series as Marnie’s (Allison Williams) college boyfriend Charlie before exiting ahead of Season 3. He returned for one episode in Season 5. “Girls” concluded in 2017 after six seasons.

Abbott, who stars in Yorgos Lanthimos’ viral Venice film “Poor Things,” has since gushed about working with auteurs, citing that the “Poor Things” teaser trailer left him in awe.

“I loved it,” Abbott said to The Hollywood Reporter of collaborating with director Lanthimos. “First of all, the set design was incredible. You can see in the teaser how wild it looks, and while it didn’t look exactly like that, I was sort of amazed by how magical the actual sets felt and how detailed they were. When I saw the teaser as well, it was even more vivid and wild than it felt on set. So it just sort of doubled itself, and it looks incredible.”

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