Is Christopher Halliwell one of Britain’s biggest serial killers? New book links killer to 27 more murders

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Taxi driver Christopher Halliwell was jailed
Taxi driver Christopher Halliwell was jailed

Murderer Christopher Halliwell could have had 27 more victims, a new book written by a retired police intelligence officer has claimed.

This claim suggests the Swindon cab driver could be one of Britain’s biggest serial killers in history.

Halliwell has been serving a life sentence behind bars for the two murders of Sian O’Callaghan, 22, and Becky Godden-Edwards, 20, after he snatched the vulnerable women leaving nightclubs in Swindon, Wiltshire.

Becky Godden-Edwards’ remains were found near Eastleach
Becky Godden-Edwards’ remains were found near Eastleach

Ms Edwards’ mum Karen recently claimed the killer kept her murdered daughter’s skull, hands and feet as “trophies” as parts of her body remain missing even to this day.

Halliwell apparently once asked a fellow inmate who shared his prison cell in 1986: “How many do you have to kill to be a serial killer?”

Now new book The New Millennium Serial Killer, written by former police intelligence officer Chris Clark and crime writer Bethan Truema, has claimed the cabbie stalked and hunted down women in a killing spree spanning 20 years.

Halliwell murdered nightclubber Sian O'Callaghan after she got into his cab in Swindon
Halliwell murdered nightclubber Sian O'Callaghan after she got into his cab in Swindon

According to The Mirror, retired officer and author Chris Clark said: “We are looking at 27 additional murders. These are 21 murders and six missing people believed to be murdered.”

He added: “It is vitally important for closure and no murder should be less than any other.”

Former officer who helped put Halliwell behind bars, Steve Fulcher, said in the book’s foreword: “There is overwhelming evidence pointing to the notion that Halliwell is responsible for many further victims beyond the two murders for which he’s been convicted.”

Among the murders the authors link to the double killer, there is the brutal murder of three women by the mystery East Lancs Ripper as well as the disappearance of three women in Halliwell’s native Wiltshire and the murder of Sally Ann John.

Also, the authors draw attention to missing chef Claudia Lawrence from York and suggest there could be a link to Halliwell. On the ground, police have now launched a new probe to search two lakes and woodlands 12 years after she disappeared without a trace.

Mr Clark and Ms Trueman made further claims March 19 was a devastating day for Halliwell who was dumped by a former girlfriend in the 1980s, a date they say also crosses over with the disappearance of potential victims.

These new claims have emerged after previously police had said there is a “distinct possibility” Halliwell was a serial killer and had murdered other women in the eight-year gap between the two murders he was convicted for.

The Swindon cab driver strangled Ms Edwards in 2003 and eight years later he went onto murder Ms O’Callaghan.

After Halliwell led police to Ms O’Callaghan’s body in 2011, police unearthed a secret trophy store where Halliwell kept 60 items of women’s clothing – of which just two of the items were identified as Ms Edwards’ cardigan and Ms O’Callaghan’s high-heeled boot.

Sketches Halliwell mapped of the area have yet to be made public and could provide further clues.

Read the full story in The New Millennium Serial Killer by Chris Clark & Bethan Trueman, published by Crime Publishing Network.

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