Chynna Phillips Baldwin Says She Proposed First to Billy Baldwin and Was 'Mortified' When He Turned Her Down

The Wilson Phillips singer said her future husband politely declined her proposal several years before their 1995 wedding

<p>Joe Schildhorn/Patrick McMullan via Getty</p> Billy Baldwin and Chynna Baldwin Phillips in January 2006

Joe Schildhorn/Patrick McMullan via Getty

Billy Baldwin and Chynna Baldwin Phillips in January 2006

Chynna Phillips Baldwin and husband Billy Baldwin will celebrate 30 years of marriage next year, but achieving marital bliss was no piece of cake.

On a recent episode of her California Preachin’ YouTube channel, Chynna revealed that before she and Billy were engaged, she proposed to him — and was politely rejected by her future husband.

The Wilson Phillips singer, 56, said that after a year of dating, she was “so in love” with the actor, 61, and “so certain” that he was the one she fashioned a ring out of aluminum foil and got down on one knee as Baldwin watched TV.

“I literally proposed to Billy and he said no. Well, he didn’t say no, he just said, ‘Oh, you’re so sweet. That is so sweet of you,’” she recalled. “And I was heartbroken and livid and disgusted, all in one ball of emotion. I felt very dejected, you know what I mean?”

<p>Richard Corkery/NY Daily News Archive/Getty </p> Chynna Phillips and Billy Baldwin in October 1997

Richard Corkery/NY Daily News Archive/Getty

Chynna Phillips and Billy Baldwin in October 1997

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She continued, “I did not know what to do with the ‘no’ answer. Even though he didn’t say no, he implied no. And I was mortified.”

Chynna said that her failed proposal led to “decades of power and control issues” between her and Billy, as she believed that he “sort of dangled marriage over” her head for the next few years, telling her she was “the one” but not popping the question.

Billy did eventually propose, and the couple tied the knot in September 1995. They are now parents to daughters Jameson, 24, and Brooke, 19, and son Vance, 22.

The pair have been open about their marital troubles in recent months, and in January, Billy appeared on Chynna’s YouTube channel to discuss their rocky road.

<p> John Roca/NY Daily News Archive via Getty</p> Chynna Phillips Baldwin and Billy Baldwin's 1995 wedding.

John Roca/NY Daily News Archive via Getty

Chynna Phillips Baldwin and Billy Baldwin's 1995 wedding.

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In a video, he said that despite headlines about Chynna’s devotion to her faith causing a “rupture” in their relationship, they were still going strong after working things out following a six-month separation period.

In April, Chynna uploaded to a video to her channel in which she opened up about a rough patch the two faced during a cross-country move, and they ways in which they powered through.

“We have a tendency to just sort of spiral and the communication breakdown gets worse and worse and we’re off to the races,” she said. “Billy’s my life partner. He’s the one I want to have the healthiest relationship with… But sometimes I don’t. A lot of times I don’t because I don’t want to rock the boat, or I don’t want to put him in a bad mood, or I’m walking on eggshells.”

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