CIA Director ‘Covered Up’ Truth About JFK’S Assassination

Cover-up was intended to show Oswald acted alone

Lee Harvey Oswald
Lee Harvey Oswald

The director of the CIA helped to cover up details about the assassination of John F Kennedy in 1963, according to POLITICO magazine.

CIA chief John McCone withheld information from the Warren Commission inquiry into the murder in what is described as a ‘benign cover-up’.

The report, by CIA historian David Robarge, said that the ‘cover-up’ aimed to point the Commission to ‘“what the Agency believed at the time was the ‘best truth.’

That conclusion was that Lee Harvey Oswald was a ‘lone wolf’, rather than someone in the pay of a foreign power.

The report - based on declassified information - suggests that the CIA offered only, ‘passive, reactive and selective,’ help to the Commission - and may have withheld information about CIA plots to kill Fidel Castro, as well as information suggesting that the CIA may have been in communication with Oswald.

The report was published within a CIA magazine, and is now available via the The George Washington University’s National Security Archive website.