Cincinnati Zoo's Nanny Dog Jumps Into Action With Tiger Cubs

The Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens’ three Malayan tiger cubs may not be in the care of their mother, but they have a nanny dog in the zoo’s nursery.

The zoo released video of Chira, Batari and Izzy with the nursery’s Australian Shepherd, Blakely, on Friday, March 10. The six-year-old dog has served as a nanny to several zoo babies and provides snuggling, comfort and a body to climb to the three cubs. The cubs would do the same with their mom if she was providing them care.

Blakely has jumped into similar action with cheetahs, an ocelot, a takin, a warthog, wallabies, skunks and bat-eared foxes. The three endangered cubs were born in early February.

The download link on this video provides a version without music or captions. Credit: YouTube/Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens via Storyful