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You don't have to give up your toasty flip flops this summer — grab this comfy pair on sale for $18

Wish you could live in your flip flops 365 days a year? We're one step ahead of you. Not only do we feel the same way, but we've actually found a pair of flip flops that are cozy and perfect year-round. With soles decked out in memory foam, they're an absolute dream to walk in, too. The Cior Memory Foam House Slippers are some-thong special indeed, and they're just $18 at Amazon when you apply an on-page coupon. The total savings comes out to 40%!

You only have to look at the Cior flip flops to understand how indulgent they are. Covered and lined in Teddy bear-like coral velvet — a kind of microfiber that's breathable, moisture-wicking and easy to clean — they're like what you'd wear at the spa when you're moving from the sauna to the hot tub.

Save $12 with coupon
$18 at Amazon

But what you can't see with the naked eye is the layers of support and shock absorbance built into the structure of these slippers.

Cior Memory Foam House Slippers, true to their name, have a dual-layer insole comprised of one layer of premium thickened high-density memory foam and one layer of high elastic sponge heel. The result is a foundation that's ideal for supporting lots of walking and standing as well as tired, aching feet. The soles are made to relieve pain, too.

Their durable TPR rubber soles make them ideal for indoor/outdoor wear, so feel free to walk the dog in these, or check the mail, or run a quick errand, or enjoy your morning coffee in the yard. They have great grip like your favorite sneaker, even though your toes are free to wiggle. They've converted even the non slipper-inclined!

four pairs of flip flops
Warm and fuzzy thong slippers let you indulge in your flip flop obsession year-round! (Photo: Amazon) (Amazon)

One flip flop devotee wrote, "I’ve never been a 'slipper person' but these are GREAT!! SO soft, comfy, durable, I love them! I am definitely a flip flop person so these for house slippers have worked so well. I’ve gone to leave the house multiple times with these on, stepped outside and then realized I haven’t swapped to my flops yet and had to turn around."

"So soft and comfortable. Love the memory foam. Washed great in washer," wrote another, echoing the delight of many reviewers at how easy these slippers are to machine-wash and dry. This shopper called them "the softest slippers I've ever worn."

Got bunions, hammertoes, arch issues or any kind of chronic foot pain? The Cior slippers are your ideal support system. "I have foot problems, and I have found these slippers to be just right," one fan attested. "They are soft and comfortable, but also provide enough support that I don't feel like I'm going barefoot."

Love going barefoot? You're not alone! This reviewer found the Cior flip flop-style house slippers to be the perfect compromise between eschewing shoes and needing to wear them on hard tile flooring. "I don’t like to wear shoes, and least of all I hate wearing socks," they wrote.

"Now that I work remotely, I don’t have to wear shoes, but we have tile flooring throughout the house. If you are not aware, tile flooring sucks the life out of your feet. I was excited when I saw these slippers, or shall I say flip flops with a cushiony cloth and rubber soles. My feet remain soft and I can run outside to grab the mail or peruse the garden. I’ve worn these slippers pretty much 24/7 since buying them 7 months ago."

The Cior house slippers come in a slew of great colors, from neutrals like grey, black and navy to more unique hues like lavender, pink and wine.

Save $12 with coupon
$18 at Amazon

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