A circus juggler has mastered his chosen art of flying PAPER AIRPLANES

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This amazing video shows some incredible stunts performed by the world's only professional -- paper aeroplane pilot.

Juggler Andrea Castiglia has total mastery in the art of flying paper aeroplanes and always gets them to return to him like a boomerang.

Andrea, 36, performs an elobarate synchronised dance routine as part of the Italian circus company 'Circo Puntino', based in Toronto, Canada. 

The amazing video shows the dexterous juggler performing stunts which defy physics.

Andrea throws the plane in a multitude of different directions, but always manages to make it come back to him, catching it in increasingly more creative ways,

The footage was captured during a 'varietè', or variety showcase, at the S.L.I.P theatre in Toronto, Canada.

Juggler Andrea, who describes himself as a 'professional paper airplane pilot', said: "In this video, I play with my paper plane, which my grandmother taught me how to make.

"I can make it fly in creative ways and it always comes back. I can also do this blindfolded.

"We often look for the impossible, without knowing that beautiful things are close to us. It's just a matter of keeping our eyes open and recognising them."

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