'This Is a Circus': Long Line of Cars Forms at London Fuel Station Amid Panic Buying

A long line of cars formed outside a fuel station in north London on the evening of Tuesday, September 28, as the UK grappled with supply chain issues affecting fuel deliveries.

This video posted Tuesday evening shows cars queued up in the rain outside a Texaco petrol station in London.

The uploader of the footage can be heard saying he was at the Texaco station at 11:30 am that morning, and over eight hours later, a line was still present outside the filling station. “This is a circus,” he says.

“And it’s like, people are going crazy man, I swear. Pouring rain. God. Just utterly absurd.”

Long queues outside gasoline stations in the UK have been occurring for several days. The BBC reported that a delivery driver shortage was causing the supply problems, which prompted drivers across the UK to fill up, leaving pumps empty in many places, according to the Petrol Retailers Association.

The BBC said it was estimated the UK had a shortage of more than 100,000 truck drivers, causing disruption to deliveries in a number of industries.

Boris Johnson said the fuel crisis was “stabilizing” on Wednesday. Meanwhile, the UK government said “British Army tanker drivers will be brought to a state of readiness in order to be deployed if required to deliver fuel.” Credit: @ liam_lja_angell via Storyful

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