'Performer wanted: Must like travelling. Hairiness essential': Circus forced to place ad for 'wolf boy' in Job Centre

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It's not normally the kind of position you'd be able to find by wandering down to your local job centre.

The Circus of Horrors usually recruit a 'wolf boy' to perform with them by scouring the UK themselves.

But 'barmy' employment laws now mean the extreme act have been forced to advertise in Jobcentres to fill the bizarre role.

The Britain's Got Talent finalists have had to use more traditional methods to recruit a performer with Hypertrichosis - a rare condition which causes sufferers to sprout hair all over their face.

Despite the lack of homegrown wolf men, the circus still had to publicise the role in Jobcentres to comply with strict rules on employing foreigners.

It means that the 'freak show', which boasts grisly contortionists, skin-stretchers and sword swallowers, is now advertising the post alongside cleaning and warehouse vacancies.

One version of the odd listing, on government website Directgov, states that hopeful applicants must have "strong circus skills" and all their own hair.

It reads: "All applicants must be genuine, people with beards or wearing masks will not be accepted, although a woman with a beard may be considered under a different job opportunities.

"All applicants must also have Circus skills to a high standard.

"They must also have a minimum of 60,000 hairs growing on their face and linking up with the hairline, hair on the head is not included in this specification."

The Home Office's Resident Labour Market Test states all jobs must be advertised on domestic websites and in Jobcentres before staff are recruited from overseas.

Guidelines state that skilled vacancies must be advertised to 'settled' UK citizens before they are offered up to an employee from outside the EU.

If no suitable domestic worker can be found, a company may then recruit from overseas.

Ringleader and circus founder Dr Haze said: "Because of barmy UK Border Agency directives we have had to advertise the job locally.

"We've had no applicants yet and I'm sure we won't because if there were any wolf boys or girls in the UK - I'm sure I would know about them by now.

"But because of the usual Government red-tape we have to advertise locally. It would be great though if we unearth a hidden wolf boy in Britain.

"It's a strange state of affairs.

"We have already found somebody in Mexico who fits the bill - but we aren't able to do anything in case somebody crops up locally first."

The job runs from January 10 to 23 March when the COH embarks on its nationwide tour.

The circus was a massive hit with judges when it appeared on the 2011 series of Britain's Got Talent.