City of Anderson set to create homeless Task Force

Feb. 7—ANDERSON — The city of Anderson is in the process of establishing a not-for-profit task force to address the homeless situation.

The Anderson City Council will consider Thursday passage of a resolution to create the task force after council members met with Mayor Thomas Broderick Jr. to work out the details.

Broderick vetoed a previous resolution on the homeless passed by the council in December because it didn't spell out specifics.

"The primary purpose of said Task Force shall be to provide leadership in identifying and bringing together the various existing organizations or individuals that presently exist and who provide assistance either directly or indirectly," the resolution reads.

The city is providing $10,000 for the Task Force to incorporate with the state and file for tax exempt status.

As provided the Task Force will consist of a minimum of 11 members of a board of directors.

Board members will include a representative from the Anderson Community Development and Economic Development departments; two appointments by the city council; two members from shelters currently operating in Anderson; a mental health provider; substance abuse provider; pastor from a local church; representative from the Anderson Housing Authority; and from a community health organization.

Directors will be appointed for two years. They must be at least 18 years of age and live in the city of Anderson. Board members will not be paid.

Recommended initial appointments are representatives from Aspire Indiana Health, the Anderson Center, Christian Center, Alternatives and the Jane Pauley Community Health Center.

Goals include: plan programs and fundraisers to benefit homeless persons; apply for grants; do an annual needs assessment; track best practices in other communities; raise public awareness; and serve as a liaison between city officials and providers and to provide semi-annual written reports.

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