City comment: As businesses return to offices, the strength of London lies with its people

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More staff are expected to return to offices in September 2021  (AFP via Getty Images)
More staff are expected to return to offices in September 2021 (AFP via Getty Images)

It’s back to school for Londoners, with the majority of businesses now asking staff to work at least a few days a week from the office. For most, the time spent away can be measured in months — over a year and a half for those who have not stepped foot in the building since the pandemic began.

Monday marks my first day back at Evening Standard towers, but after a much longer hiatus. I last left the building in 2015. Today I return as City editor.

A lot has changed in the intervening years. London today is at a pivotal point: many central London service businesses are anxiously waiting to see whether they can survive the 'new normal' of hybrid working; companies in everything from logistics to banking are getting to grips with the reality of life outside of the EU; and many big, era-defining issues continue to rumble on — think public borrowing, possible future tax hikes, small business indebtedness, inflation, and rising worker power, to name just a few.

The Evening Standard City pages will continue to tell these stories and more besides.

The City section is London’s business district in print — a place where bankers can rub shoulders with tech entrepreneurs, small business owners meet investors, and everyone can discover new ideas. It’s an honour to be taking over.

We will continue to champion the capital as one of the greatest places to do business in the world, because it is.

We will unashamedly celebrate success stories, but also be unafraid to call out misbehaviour or slippage that threatens to undermine London’s reputation.

Stories will put people first — be it the executives pulling the strings at the top, the workers on the shop floor, or the customer buying products and services. After all, the strength of the city rests with its people.

Londoners are the ones who will make sure the capital bounces back from the pandemic stronger than ever — just as they have with every other crisis.

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