City gets grant to extend pedestrian trail

Jan. 20—Greensburg is receiving $417,818 from the state to extend the Rebekah Park pedestrian trail as one of 14 recipients of a Next Level Trails grant.

The Next Level Trails grant is a matching funds grant disbursed by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. Communities receiving the grant must match a minimum of 20% of the funds received, meaning Greensburg will need to match approximately $83,563 to meet the requirements.

Greensburg Communications Director Kristen Williams said the match will come out of already appropriated capital funds. There isn't yet a set timeline for moving this project forward as bids for designs haven't been taken yet. When a contractor is chosen, then the schedule will be established.

"The mayor is optimistic that we could see some work completed this year and maybe finished in 2025," Williams said.

The goal is to extend the current trail at Rebekah Park, connecting it to Pirate Park, the Greensburg-Decatur County Public Library and in later years to the Indiana Department of Transportation's multi-use path. The INDOT multi-use path is part of the state's planned reconstruction of Ind. 46/Main Street.

The trail extension and INDOT multi-use path are all part of the City of Greensburg's Pedestrian and Bicycle Master Plan that was created in partnership with the Indiana Department of Health in 2022.

A detailed description of the trail extension describes the proposed trail as a 1,400 linear foot extension that is to be 12 feet wide with ADA accessible ramps. The surface will be asphalt and concrete capable of accommodating pedestrians, bicyclists, rollerblades, skateboards, strollers, wheelchairs and more.

It will connect Rebekah Park to the Arbor Grove Village parking lot to the west and run southwest to E. Washington Street next to the library, ending at E. Main Street. A spur will connect the E. Washington Street branch to Pirate Park.

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