CITY PRESS: The hot beats of Zoocci Coke Dope

Johannesburg - We try to keep our ear to the ground for new stompers and, as of late, a few have been released with a certain name attached: Zoocci Coke Dope.

He is a Vth Season signee and has an EP out – namely Morning Star – and collaborative efforts with artists such as J-Smash and A-Reece.

Zoocci’s videos come across like twisted tales of young goons mobbing at a local park or corner store, which I love. A concern is that his sound is Autotune intensive. This sound is quite common locally, and seems to be a go to move for these new cats. It does take away from his lyrical efficacy and at times I was tempted to strip his lyrics and simply bump his instrumentals.

Zoocci doesn’t shy away from lifting guitar strings from a sample track, which is uncommon in the realm of trap. You can hear this on the track All Night featuring A-reece.

He also adopts a common trait where the rapper is likely to come across as more vulnerable through the content of his lyrics, such as talk about ex-girlfriends and failed friendships. You can get a sense of this on the title track of his EP, also Morning Star, where he explains that he doesn’t enjoy life outside of a studio, as he has less control over that environment.I think he is a welcome fixture in the game and will garner attention all round – whether it be from the avenue or the club.