City of Thomasville hosts promotion ceremony for TPD Chief Wade Glover

Mar. 14—THOMASVILLE- Thomasville Police Department's Wade Glover celebrated a major milestone in his professional career on Tuesday night, as he was promoted from major to chief during a ceremony at the Thomasville Amphitheater.

Glover began his law enforcement career with the Boston Police Department on November 8, 1989, before being sworn in as a patrol officer with TPD on October 7, 1992. From there, he would rise through the ranks.

On August 20, 1994, Glover was transferred to the Criminal Investigations Division as a narcotics agent and later detective. After a year of working in CID, Glover returned to patrol in 1995, assuming responsibility as a field training officer and being appointed as a Police Officer III.

In 2007, Glover was promoted to TPD sergeant, where he served as an assistant watch commander in patrol. He would continue to serve his community diligently, earning a promotion to lieutenant on June 7, 2010. During his time as lieutenant, Glover served as a patrol watch commander and later assumed command of the CID.

His final promotion before chief came four years later when he was named major of TPD, assuming command of Police Operations before ultimately taking command of Support Services.

Glover's years of dedication and unflinching service to the Thomasville community did not go unnoticed by the department and was well-recognized by local government officials.

Interim City Manager Chris White spoke on the selection of Glover as TPD's new chief.

"I was privileged to be a part of the section committee for Wade, and I can tell you he is the perfect fit for this community," White said. "He stood out above all the candidates and we are so blessed to have him as part of our team."

Assistant City Manager Sheryl Sealy echoed White's statements, sharing the City was excited to move forward and continue its tradition of professionalism under Glover's watch.

Sealy explained the selection committee was impressed by Glover's commitment to community policing and relations.

"This is something that has always been important to the Thomasville Police Department and we are looking forward to seeing those initiatives start back again," she said.

With a round of applause, Sealy introduced Glover's pastor, Jason Puckett, who provided the invocation.

Before the prayer, Puckett shared a glimpse into the leader he had seen Glover grow into.

"I've had the privilege of knowing Wade for almost ten years, during that time I've watched him serve faithfully in various capacities," he said. "He is truly a servant leader. As he embarks on a somewhat different role in the remaining years of his career, I'm confident he will do so with alignment to his core being of character and ability."

Puckett then prayed for Glover's safety and family as they transitioned into this new chapter.

Following the invocation and singing of the National Anthem, Lt. Toby Knifer called the department to order as he read the new Promotion Order, announcing Glover as the new Chief of Police for TPD.

With the Promotion Order read, Superior Court Judge James L. Prine issued the Oath of Office to Glover.

Glover proudly accepted the promotion, vowing to faithfully protect the Thomasville community. However, he noted this rise in the ranks wouldn't have been possible without his family, friends, and support system.

"It is my honor to stand here as your new Chief of Police," Glover said. "I want to first and foremost thank the Lord God Almighty because He is the reason I am here today."

Glover noted he has faced challenges throughout his life, including poverty, but knew with God all things were possible.

With God's help, Glover said he hopes to make a change and difference within the TPD.

Glover's biggest supporter, his wife, Gina, was on stage to applaud this change, when Glover surprised her.

Glover announced they would be married 38 years this month and presented her with a bouquet of roses.

"Without her unwavering commitment, loyalty, and love, I wouldn't be here today," he said.

Glover then recognized his family members in the audience who had supported him during his journey, before becoming emotional, noting how he wished his parents could be in attendance to witness this special moment.

"Mama, I made it," he said. "Thank you for always instilling hard work, integrity, and most importantly the love for all mankind in me."

Glover said he knew he was not the only one with a love for mankind, as TPD truly had some of the best officers and the greatest he had ever come across.

"I thank you all for your servant's hearts, you soar above everything and always do what's right," he told them.

He then asked the law enforcement officers in attendance to recite the Oath of Honor, which is a longstanding tradition for officers across the world.

With that, Glover invited the public to join the officers in a reception, as he promised to continue rooting TPD in the community.