The city's 'fat football club' celebrates a year on the ball

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ManvFat Football Carlisle celebrates one year with award ceremony
ManvFat Football Carlisle celebrates one year with award ceremony

A FOOTBALL club that helps men shed weight in Carlisle has netted the goal of reaching its first birthday.

After a year on the ball, ManvFat Football Carlisle now has six teams in its ranks, 47 players signed up, and a total of 680 pounds of weight lost.

The league, which is set up for men with a BMI of 27.50 or over, is the first of its kind in Carlisle.

The club meets regularly at Carlisle Campus Sports on Edgehill Road on Monday nights and is part of a nationwide campaign to help men tackle obesity.

Whilst the group focuses on weight loss, it's just as much about improving male mental health and forging new friendships.

News and Star: Boys in action
News and Star: Boys in action

Boys in action

Beverley Young, a former public health director who set up the Carlisle group, said it's 'such a privilege' being the group's coach and 'what a year it's been'.

"The way the guys support each other on and off the pitch, that just warms my heart," she said.

The MAN V FAT Football Carlisle five-a-side league was also showcased on March 14 as part of BBC's We are England, Sporting heroes feature.

"We've moved to twice-a-week friendlies on top of Monday night fixtures games, we also had a mini tournament at Whitehaven at the weekend in which one of our teams took on five of theirs - even seeing your lads get beaten and come off the pitch with their heads held high is what it's all about.

News and Star: Coach Beverley Young
News and Star: Coach Beverley Young

Coach Beverley Young

"We're starting friendlies of elevens now, so we can play other Man V Fat clubs throughout the country," she said.

The group recently held their annual awards ceremony, which attracted many faces interested to see what's going on with the club, including Mayor Mike Mitchelson.

"I'm trying to be very creative about how we can expand the group at the moment," she said.

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