Claire Foy reacts to Nicki Minaj saying she wants to ‘eat her face’ following Crown season 5 cameo

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Claire Foy has reacted to Nicki Minaj’s extremely enthusiastic response to her cameo in The Crown.

The British actor made a surprise appearance in the fifth and penultimate run, which was released last month on Netflix.

Those tuning in to see what new cast member Imelda Staunton would bring to the role of Queen Elizabeth II were immediately treated to a comparison in the form of Foy, who played the figure in the first two seasons.

Foy earned acclaim, as well as two Emmy Awards, for her performance – and her season five cameo was met with widespread appreciation on social media.

One appreciative viewer was rapper Minaj, who said of her appearance: “I can’t get enough of Claire Foy’s perfect face. I want to eat it. It just does the right thing in every single scene.”

Foy appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday (30 November), where the host read Minaj’s words to the actor.

“Fans of The Crown got very excited because you had a cameo,” Fallon said.

“You came back and gave us a little treat. But I don't think anyone was more excited as... you know who the biggest fan of you is? Nicki Minaj.”

Foy called the situaton “ridiculous” and, after Fallon read her the quote, the actor replied: “I would totally let her eat my face.”

The actor added: “She could try. I mean, she’d gnaw a bit of it maybe.”

Claire Foy discussed her cameo in ‘The Crown’ season five (YouTube)
Claire Foy discussed her cameo in ‘The Crown’ season five (YouTube)

Following the release of The Crown season five, many admitted to “struggling” with the casting of two different cast members – one because of their “hotness”, and the other due to a previous role they played in Harry Potter.

Meanwhile, the season five scene that infuriated Dame Judi Dench has been revealed.

Foy will next be seen in Women Talking, a Sarah Polley-directed film co-starring Rooney Mara and Jessie Buckley. The film is released in the UK on 10 February 2023.