Claire Sweeney sang at a nightclub to pay the drinks bill

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Claire Sweeney forgot to pay the bill at a nightclub credit:Bang Showbiz
Claire Sweeney forgot to pay the bill at a nightclub credit:Bang Showbiz

Claire Sweeney once sang at a nightclub to pay the drinks bill.

The 51-year-old actress - who is best known for having played Lindsey Corkhill in Channel 4 soap opera 'Brookside' during the 1990s - took a gaggle of friends to gay cabaret bar in London after finishing a show and only realised the next day that she hadn't picked up the tab.

She said: "I'd just done Brasserie Zédel, it had gone a storm, it had been fabulous, [lyricist] Don Black had been there, everyone had been there, and I had all my gays there as well, and I went, 'Right come on we’re going to Freedom!' So, I walk in with all my gang of gays, sit down and I’m like, 'Prosecco for everyone!'

I don't drink so much these days, but I’d had a few drinks. And walked out, I gave a big showbiz wave to everyone and didn't pay my bill! And I’d invited everyone, so I didn’t expect anyone else to pay anything and I’m giving it “See you! See you back next week!' Big exit, you know!"

Claire - who since her time in 'Brookside' has gone on to a successful career in musical theatre with roles in shows such as 'Chicago' and 'Hairspray' - explained that she immediately got in touch with the club's manager to pay up, but he insisted that she return to Freedom to perform two songs instead.

Speaking on 'The Hundamental Guide to Life' podcast, she added: "I phoned Nathan the next day and I was like 'Did I pay my bill, he went no, I went, 'Oh my God, I'm so sorry. Let me give you my credit card details. And he said 'No, give me two songs, next time you're in, give me two songs.' I went, 'Let me pay the bill. He said, 'No I want you to sing!'

"So I went 'There’s worse things you do than sing in a cheeky Cabaret' I loved it. And I practiced and then I went and did my songs. And I remember that night, it was, oh my God, it was so, so funny. I got up and I sang and I told that story on stage I said 'I’m here tonight, I'm paying my bill!'"

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