Clarkson’s Farm fans thrilled as Gerald Cooper returns for a 'date' with Jeremy Clarkson

Jeremy Clarkson on show
-Credit: (Image: Amazon Prime)

Clarkson's Farm star Gerald Cooper sparked excitement among fans when he was spotted with Jeremy Clarkson's girlfriend, Lisa Hogan. The duo, Lisa aged 50 and Gerald 74, were all smiles in a photo taken at the Bledington festival, which Lisa shared on social media with the caption: "My galant date for the Bledington festival today 1pm" - tagging their location at the Kings Head Inn in Gloucestershire.

This sighting comes after Gerald shared the heart-wrenching news of his prostate cancer diagnosis, leaving fans concerned. However, seeing him in good spirits has brought joy to viewers of the show, where Gerald features alongside former Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, who runs the Didley Squat farm in Oxfordshire.

Fans quickly took to social media to express their happiness at seeing Gerald looking well. Comments included: "So happy to see Gerald. I hope he knows how much he is loved by so many! " and "Hope Gerald is recovering well."

Another fan remarked: "Hello Gerald! You're looking well! Spiffy date for Lisa! Xxx.", reports the Mirror.

Gerald had to pause his participation in the third season of the Amazon Prime series to undergo treatment, but by the season's end, Jeremy announced that Gerald had triumphantly beaten the cancer following several radiotherapy sessions.

Earlier this week, Lisa gave fans an update about the building expert by posting a video of him taking part in a Didley Squat Farm road trip through Oxfordshire. The clip features Kaleb Cooper sitting in the backseat of the car, asking his fellow passengers: "Can I have the window up now, please? I'm cold. Are we there yet? Can we have the air-con on? " Later in the video, Lisa is seen addressing Gerald saying: "Dad, can you please control your son? ".

Gerald was seen chuckling at this comment, which delighted fans even further. As one viewer commented, "So good to see Gerald laughing."

While another replied, "The funniest people, glad you're doing well Gerald."

A third questioned: "So is Gerald Caleb's uncle or is it one of those villages where everyone has the same surname and 6 toes? " Kaleb holds the position of manager at Jeremy's farm, having worked alongside Gerald for many years to keep it operating smoothly.

Recently, fans got to witness Jeremy's more fiery side when he responded negatively towards an activity that Lisa proposed. It happened during a weekend episode when Lisa suggested they engage in wild swimming as their weekend activity on a Saturday morning and afternoon.

However, Jeremy's response wasn't quite enthusiastic, rebuking her with "get out" from the water and head over to the pub. During the episode, we see Jeremy questioning Lisa who was standing in the water, asking her: "What are you doing? " To which she answered, "Just loitering in cold water."

It was at that moment that Jeremy wondered why they weren't at the pub already and proposed that they could even go back home and read together instead.

Explaining her reasoning, Lisa said: "Apparently because this is the best high you could ever get."

She noticed his hesitation and encouraged him to be more open-minded since he had never experienced cold water immersion before. However, Jeremy responded: "I have been in cold water! I've done polar training - it was awful and trust me I've been drunk - and I've been in cold water - and being drunk is better."