Clarkson's Farm fan shares 'insane' time it took to queue for Diddly Squat shop

Diddly Squat Farm Shop
-Credit: (Image: Adam Hughes / SWNS)

A Jeremy Clarkson fan has shared exactly how long it took them to queue for the Diddly Squat Farm Shop. The store sits on the former Top Gear presenter's farm and has become immensely popular following his Amazon Prime series, Clarkson's farm.

The shop was opened in Chadlington, Chipping Norton, back in 2020 and attracts visitors from across the country - sometimes to the annoyance of locals as documented on the show. Produce from the farm is sold in the shop with visitors sometimes managing to get a look at the man himself.

TikTok user meggdrew16 recently shared exactly how long she queued to enter the shop. She timed the experience on her phone, The Mirror reports.

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The video started with an image of the back of the line, and then jumped forward 22 minutes to show it "slowly moving". After 35 minutes, a photograph of a sign was shown that told people there would be another 45 minutes of waiting to go.

A "no dogs allowed" sign then appeared and another telling customers that the shop only accepted cash. The building was not in sight after 58 minutes, but at the one hour and 16 minutes mark the TikTok user confirmed they could finally "see" it.

It would take another 14 minutes to make it to the front of the queue meaning that they waited around one hour and a half altogether. After eventually making it inside, they got busy "securing the goods.".

The TikTok user joked: "An hour and a half and an empty bank account later." In response to the video, one person asked: "Is it really worth a 90 minute queue for a little farm shop?"

A second added added: "Absolutely insane when a local farm shop sells the same produce (if not better) with no queue." Another said: "What day did you go? I want to go on a Friday in a couple of weeks but that queue is just a joke?"