Clarkson's Farm star Kaleb Cooper announces career move after dedicating new project to late grandad

Kaleb Cooper
-Credit: (Image: PA)

Kaleb Cooper, best known from the hit show Clarkson's Farm, shared an exciting career update and heartfelt tribute. Cooper has been adored by fans through his involvement in managing Jeremy Clarkson's Diddly Squat Farm on Amazon Prime Video.

And now, he has announced the impending release of his new book, according to Gloucestershire Live. The book, titled 'It's A Farming Thing', marks his third publication and is scheduled to go on sale via Amazon this October. Pre-orders are currently open.

Amidst Chipping Norton's scenic fields, atop his tractor, Kaleb made a touching announcement via social media.

Paying homage to his late grandfather, someone he deeply loved, he enthusiastically told his supporters: "So, just finished another baling job, I've done another 50 bales here. It's a load of wrap silage. And I've got some very exciting news which I'm really really excited about and that is, I've done my first book which is The World According To Kaleb, I've done my second book which is Britain According To Kaleb, and now... This is my third book! ", reports the Daily Record.

Continuing in an Instagram video, the TV star turned author stated: "I've got a new book coming out later this year, it's called It's A Farming Thing, it's available on Amazon, and it's all about farming. And this book definitely means something a little bit to me, something special and it touches my heart because it's dedicated to my granddad, who passed away two years ago."

"And he meant absolutely everything, he was my rock, he was my drive, and that's why I drive and work so hard these days, I think, because I want to basically take over the world as a young person. Um but yeah, it's available on Amazon, please check it out."

One of his followers, @tayaaaxx, commented: "Your gramp will be very proud of you like we all are."

@denzelockman congratulated him, saying: "Well done Kaleb! ! Three books! Only a couple of years ago, you had never read a book, now you are a best selling author."

On the other hand, user @Freddy_glasgow said: "You are a real goer and an inspiration to many a young farmer out there."