Ealing primary school becomes 12th in London to install solar panel system on Clean Air Day 2019

Edwina Langley

Perivale Primary School in Ealing becomes the 12th school in London to install a solar panel system today, The Schools’ Energy Co-operative (TSEC) has announced.

Coinciding with Clean Air Day, the primary school is now the 10th in Ealing to adopt the system, and the 50th school in the UK overall.

The 50 now in operation have a combined capacity of 1.9 megawatts and will produce an estimated 1.7 gigawatt-hours of electricity each year, it has been predicted. That is the equivalent of what it would take to run roughly 500 standard UK homes.

Conceived to reduce carbon emissions, the scheme was also designed to cut schools' bills and encourage children to take an active interest in renewable energy solutions, as well as sustainability and climate change.

The systems are financed through share offers taken up by supporters of the TSEC via crowd-funding, with plans currently in place to extend the technologies to 26 more locations in London, including seven more Ealing schools and kids’ centres.

“The Schools Energy Co-operative is a fantastic scheme and I’m delighted that Perivale Primary marks the tenth school in Ealing to benefit from cheaper, greener energy,” said Julian Bell Ealing Council.

“We have a climate crisis to deal with and every sector needs to be playing its part to support a rapid decrease in carbon emissions – this is a great way for schools to be part of that through installing solar panels.”

Bell also called on Government ministers to commit publicly to supporting decarbonisation by reinstating the Feed-in tariff.