Clean your jewellery at home with two ingredients you already have in your cupboard

Jewellery being cleaned
-Credit: (Image: Getty Images/iStockphoto)

Our everyday jewellery, such as rings and necklaces, endures a lot throughout the day from exposure to soap and water to pollution.

These factors can make your treasured items appear lacklustre, hence why it's essential to clean them regularly to preserve their sparkle. Yet, it's just as critical to clean these pieces properly to prevent any damage to diamonds, gemstones, or other components that might become dislodged or tarnished.

There are multiple methods to get your jewellery cleaned you could opt for professional jeweller services, or buy a specialised cleaning product. But in reality, you can freshen up your beloved pieces at home with ease and it's also a way to be economical.

Savvy cleaner Cindy Garcia demonstrated in a recent TikTok her method for getting her rings to gleam.

The savvy content creator utilises only two household ingredients for her jewellery cleaning routine items you're likely to already have in your kitchen.

Cindy captioned her video with: "Cleaning my rings with just white distilled vinegar and dish soap. Here to deinfluence you from buying jewellery cleaners [sic]. This works just as well."

To begin, Cindy boiled water in a kettle and added a capful of white vinegar along with a squirt of washing-up liquid into a cup. She then placed her rings in the cup, followed by pouring in the boiling water.

"Let rings soak for 15 minutes," Cindy suggested. After the time had passed, she used a toothbrush to scrub the rings with the mixture. She then dried them with a piece of kitchen paper, leaving them looking "brand new".

Ernest Jones confirms that using washing up liquid and warm water is safe for cleaning jewellery. They suggest soaking for about 10 minutes, then cleaning it with a soft cloth or cotton bud, followed by rinsing in clean water.

White vinegar is another method endorsed by the jeweller. Their website states: "Another option is to mix white vinegar with an equal quantity of warm water to create an effective cleaning solution. Or, for quite heavily tarnished jewellery, you can combine 120ml of white vinegar with around 30g of baking soda. This lively mixture will quickly create a foam into which your jewellery can soak for an hour or so, before being thoroughly rinsed and dried."