Cleaning With Vinegar Is The Key To Keep Wine Glasses Crystal Clear

cleaning wine glasses
cleaning wine glasses - Iuliia Pilipeichenko/Shutterstock

While drinking wine may be fun, cleaning your wine glasses afterward isn't. Wine glasses are very delicate and prone to having soapy streaks left behind after washing. Even worse, this soap residue can impart a faint soap taste if it builds up too much. If you're tired of feeling like you have to wash your wine glasses a million times to get that perfect streak-free shine, it might be time to consider cleaning with vinegar. White vinegar is a popular, natural cleaning solution and it can eliminate your streaking problem.

While soap can leave behind a filmy residue if not properly and thoroughly rinsed off, vinegar actually works to break down any filmy layer. Vinegar is acidic and does a great job of gently removing grime from your glasses without scratching or damaging them. The easiest way to clean your glasses with vinegar is to fill a small container with hot water and a heavy splash of vinegar. From there you can submerge your glasses into the mixture and gently dry it off, using as few towel swipes as possible, and leave your glasses to air dry.

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Other Ways To Use Vinegar To Clean Your Wine Glasses

wine glasses lined up
wine glasses lined up - Skorzewiak/Shutterstock

If you are working with a wine glass that has tough stains on it from a red wine, you might need to bring in some reinforcements to get the stains off. You can add a dash of baking soda to your vinegar and water mixture for added power while cleaning. Just use caution that you don't create an overly abrasive solution or you could risk scratching your glasses. After swirling your glass in the solution, use a cloth to gently rub the stains off. You'll then want to rinse your glass under hot water to remove any excess solution and towel dry again.

Vinegar can also be an easy way to spot clean glass if you notice a smudge on your glasses right before serving. You can pour a small amount of vinegar onto a towel and wipe away the smudge. Then, run your glass under hot water to remove any vinegar smell and taste and you're all set.

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