Clearing 2022: How it works, the process, where can you go

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Clearing is another way of getting into university for students who didn’t get the grades they needed.  (Getty Images)
Clearing is another way of getting into university for students who didn’t get the grades they needed. (Getty Images)

Clearing is another way of getting into university, which gives students without offers a second chance to pursue their university aspirations.

In 2020, over 70,000 students secured their spot at a university through UCAS clearing, and 19,000 of those hadn’t applied to university earlier in the year.

With A-level results day less than a month away, many are hoping they have done enough to move on to university. We know it can be an anxious time and you need to act quickly, our guide is designed to help you through the intimidating process.

What is clearing?

Clearing is a UCAS service and the 2022/23 entry opened earlier this month. This means if you already have your grades but aren’t holding an offer from a university, you can use the clearing service on UCAS right now.

Alternatively, if you hold a conditional offer but your grades don’t go to plan on A-level results day, you can still enter clearing from then onwards. The service is available until October.

How do I apply for clearing?

You can browse vacancies according to your preferred subject, location or university via the UCAS search tool. Once you’ve identified one you would like to apply to, you will be prompted to fill out your details as normal.

Submit your application and you will receive an invitation to the UCAS Hub service, where you will be provided with a clearing number. This number can also be found under your ‘Application Status.’

The next step is to contact the universities directly to confirm whether they’ll offer you a place. Trained advisers will be on hand to guide you through the process. You’ll be identified through your UCAS personal ID and clearing number, so make sure you keep a note of it.

Once you’ve received a verbal offer, add the university to UCAS Hub and wait for the university to confirm.

You have until October 18 to put forward your choice, and for universities to make their final decisions.

Where can I go?

More than 30,000 courses take part in clearing and this list is updated regularly up to mid-September. It’s important to note universities including Oxford and Cambridge do not take part in the clearing process.

The University of Warwick is the seventh highest ranked university that is participating in clearing. The university is respected for its boundary-breaking research and business collaborations. They are offering slots for courses in classics, English literature and history of art.

Another university that is also in the top 10 is Bath. Established in 1966, Bath University is highly regarded for its effectiveness in preparing students for the workplace. The courses they are offering are civil engineering, mathematics and modern languages.

Loughborough University, which is at the same rank as Bath, is offering courses in chemistry, geography and mathematics.

Other fantastic universities which still have offers available include Lancaster University, University of Southampton, University of Leeds, University of York, University of Manchester and more.

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