Cleveland Browns' Head Coach Pat Shurmur Needs More Time: Fan Take

Pat Shurmur - Cleveland Browns' head coach - had a very rocky first season with the Browns. We have to be honest here and just say that the Browns played terribly. They went 4-12 and Shurmur is certainly partly at fault for this. However, this franchise cannot just keep firing coaches every time the Browns fail to make it to the Super Bowl. Coaches, especially for a team like the Browns, simply need more than one season to truly make their mark, be it a good or a bad one.

A lot of people do not like Shurmur. I am not sure if I like Shurmur. He seems very passive and doesn't have that "we can do it" attitude characteristic of some of the best coaches in NFL and even NCAA football. When you see him at press conferences, he is often monotone and likes to dodge questions.

However, we as fans should not let this cloud our judgment yet. We are not in the locker room with him, or at practices and team meetings with him. He could be running up and down the field with them during practice and yelling until veins pop out in the locker room. We simply do not know and will never know unless we have patience.

Right now the Browns will get an offensive coordinator and this should do some good. The team also needs to focus on the guys that are on the field. We need receivers that can catch and a solid quarterback. Let this all fall into place as Shurmur adjusts his strategy and hopefully gets something great going for this team.

Patience is something Cleveland fans are used to and probably something that is wearing thin, but it is necessary in this case. If Shurmur is going to do great things, we will see it in the 2012 season. If not, then Mike Holmgren can do what is necessary to find a coach that can handle this team and correct the deficiencies.

R. Elizabeth C. Kitchen is a lifelong Browns fan who grew up in a household of Browns' fans. She was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and still lives there. Regardless of the trials and tribulations the Browns have been through, she remains loyal, albeit honest about her home team. Follow Rose on Twitter @Rose_Kitchen