Clever 1p hack that keeps flies away from garden

When the sun shines, people want to enjoy their gardens for al fresco dining or simply a bit of relaxation. But if flies are buzzing around en masse, it can sour the whole affair.

Figuring out how to banish the pesky flies might seem tricky, and you could be tempted to just ignore them since they aren't invading your indoors. Yet, one TikToker has let slip an age-old hack for diminishing the number of pests in your outdoor area which involves nothing more than a plastic sandwich bag, some water, and a mere penny.

Sheila Reviews posted her video with the caption: "This outdoor hack has been used for years but I'm not sure why it works. Ziploc bag, water and a penny keep the flies at a minimum."


In the clip, she explains: "When you're getting ready to have an outdoor event just place it throughout your yard and it keeps the flies at a minimum."

Sheila reveals it was her neighbour who clued her in on this crafty trick, and she's been following suit ever since. Curiously piqued, she then urges TikTok "scientists" to unravel the mystery behind the hack's success, spawning a host of speculative theories, reports the Express.

Someone lightheartedly suggested: "Because the flies think we're broke because we only have a penny so they buzz off."

Another added with a wink: "It must be witchcraft". The genuine explanation? The "reflection", apparently.

One commenter suggested that the inclusion of a penny isn't even necessary, stating: "You don't need the penny at all. Just water in a clear plastic bag or bottle. The fly will see a bigger insect. Is just the reflection."

Others highlighted their need for a way to deter mosquitoes, which are not only annoying but also responsible for leaving behind painful, itchy bites. An intrigued user responded with: "Wow this is so interesting".