Clever Capuchin Monkey Tries to Break Open Fruit With Huge Rock at South American Sanctuary

A determined capuchin monkey used a huge rock to try to smash open a piece of fruit at a South American sanctuary.

Footage by Natalia Cara de Medeiros shows the clever critter bashing the fruit – which he allegedly stole from another animal’s enclosure – multiple times with a large stone at La Senda Verde, an animal refuge in Yolosa, Bolivia.

According to de Medeiros, the cheeky monkey was rescued from animal trafficking, and he and the rest of his troop live freely at the refuge.

“Capuchin monkeys are extremely smart animals, and one of the few that can learn to use tools,” she told Storyful.

“The monkeys learn from watching others doing it, including humans. But this young fella still hasn’t mastered the skill quite yet, and struggles to break his fruit with such a big rock! It is still impressive, though, and so amusing to watch,” she said. Credit: Natalia Cara de Medeiros via Storyful