This clever cat has figured out how to use a human toilet

This pampered cat has figured out how to use a human toilet and prefers to use the loo over his litter tray. Little Guy, a four-year-old elf Sphinx cat, has been dexterously using his owner's bathroom for the past three years. Audrey Reynolds, 27, who lives in Orange County, California, said: "I didn't train him how to do it. He just learned himself. I guess from watching me in there. "One day he actually got on the toilet while I was using it. He's been doing it for about three years. He seems to prefer it to his litter tray. I think he likes to feel fancy and use the toilet." Audrey, who runs a mobile tanning business, has another Sphinx cat named Sheldon, aged five, who loved to get into mischief with Little Guy. She added: "They're more like monkeys than cats, they're really smart. They can open doors, drawers and cabinets and they climb on everything. "We ended up having to get a child lock on the trash cans, because they figured out how to get the lids lifted. "If I'm cooking I have to put them in their crates because they'll come and take a stick of butter right out of my hand. "But they are super loving, they want to be next to me all the time. If I shut them out of the room they'll open the door to come be with me."

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