The Clever Costco Tactic That'll Save You Some Time In The Store

man shopping at Costco
man shopping at Costco - Joe Raedle/Getty Images

While a visit to Costco can result in substantial savings when you know the best shopping tips and tricks for the best deals, it can also leave you mired in confusion. That's because Costco locations are often quite expansive, as they feature a wide selection of groceries, home goods, apparel, and even major appliances. Additionally, the layout of the store doesn't necessarily correspond to intuitive shopping behaviors. Fortunately, there's a surprisingly simple hack you can use that involves visiting the Costco website before your trip.

The warehouse retail chain offers a same-day delivery service, which can be accessed through the same-day tab on the website. Once you're in the delivery portal, you can search for specific products to determine their availability. Along with typing items directly into the search bar, you can also peruse the categories on the left of the page to flesh out your shopping list. Now you can visit Costco with confidence and avoid those impulse buys that can greatly increase your grocery bill.

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Costco's Confounding Layout Isn't An Accident

electronics display at Costco
electronics display at Costco - Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

If you've ever found yourself aimlessly wandering around your preferred Costco location, you're not alone. Costco's ever-evolving layout is very deliberate, as it may encourage members to spend more money than if they stuck to their shopping lists. Staff will often move items around, which means that customers must scour the store to find the products they need. Costco also utilizes a specific organizational model that forces shoppers to pass by high-ticket items first.

For instance, Costco's entrance is secretly designed to loosen your wallet by surrounding it with expensive goods, while essential groceries will be situated towards the back of the store. Because customers must walk through most of the store to get what they need, they're more likely to purchase expensive and unnecessary items. Establishing that the store has what you're looking for by visiting the website first is a good tactic for avoiding this outcome, as you won't spend time looking for products that aren't currently in stock.

Other Ways To Save Time And Money At Costco

shoppers at Costco
shoppers at Costco - Joe Raedle/Getty Images

While much of Costco's layout is designed to get customers to spend more than they normally would, there's a section of the store where all the best deals are kept. This area is known as the Costco center court, which typically encompasses the middle aisles of the store. The center court features specials and bargains on sought-after items, which makes it a great place to shop if you're watching your grocery budget. Similarly, knowing how to read the codes on Costco price tags can also help you find great deals. Pay close attention to any prices ending with a seven or double zero, as these are clearance items.

In addition to verifying that your Costco has the products you're searching for, you can also reduce the length of your shopping excursion by timing your visit carefully. Generally, most locations see the lowest amount of foot traffic early in the morning during the middle of the week, meaning Tuesday through Thursday. On the other hand, the store is busiest during the weekend, as well as Fridays, which is the preferred time for people who'd rather get their shopping in before the weekend rolls around.

With a little planning and forethought, you can rest assured that your Costco shopping trip will be as painless as possible.

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