Clever daughter immediately schools dad in science challenge: ‘You got served, bro’

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A dad challenged his daughter with a science experiment, and she schooled him in seconds.

Justyn Hardwick is a family man. He’s all about his three kids, Aryanna, Yvette and Justyn Jr. The father is always playing educational games with them on TikTok. Sometimes he even challenges the kids to bets. 

His daughter Aryanna never seems to turn down a chance to epically school her dad, and this experiment was no exception. 

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“I got a good one. I got some sewing thread. I bet you can’t use this sewing thread and pick up this ice cube,” Hardwick said

The father dropped an ice cube into a glass of water, so it floated on the surface.

“You know science is my favorite subject in school, right?” Aryanna quipped.

The little girl got a salt dispenser, much to the confusion of her dad. She placed the end of the string on the ice cube and poured the salt on it. 

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“It’s just like a snowplow — how the salt melts the ice,” she explained

The salt was able to melt the ice and fuse it to the string. She easily lifted the ice cube out of the cup, tossed it on the table, gave the camera a knowing look, then walked off. Consider dad officially schooled. 

The funny video racked up 17.7 million views on TikTok

“It’s the pure confidence for me,” one person said

Baby girl tried to warn you,” another said

“You got served, bro,” someone commented

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