Clever dog amazes shoppers by going around tidying up litter and putting it in the bin

This remarkable footage shows a precious pooch helping keep the streets of Hereford spotless by cleaning up after lazy locals. Owner Alfie Kitson, 80, and five-year-old pooch Millie have been picking up litter for the last few years after spotting a soldier and his dog do the same trick in a park in Spain. Millie, a type of Spanish Podenco dog, was rescued in Spain when owner Alfie and his wife Judith lived there. Since moving back to the UK, Millie has been able to put her skills to use on the streets of Hereford. Alfie, an ex-plumber from Herefordshire, said: “A few people say why do you do it, I enjoy it and the dog enjoys it. “All I have to say ‘is put that litter in the bin’ and she will pick it up and do it.” While Judith was in hospital in Malaga, Spain, Alfie would walk Millie in local parks – it’s here where he got the inspiration. Alfie added: “There were lots of lovely parks in Spain. I was in this lovely park and I saw this soldier and his dog, and he was walking around telling his dog to pick up this litter. “I thought that was clever. And Millie has always been an intelligent dog. “She gets to a pavement and she sits. She knows to wait.” Owner’s Alfie and wife Judith rescued Millie from a shelter in Spain when she just eight months old - rescuers found her in a rubbish bag tied to a tree branch. “The house was empty without an animal,” Alfie said on why he got Millie. “Dogs and cats are a big part of anyone’s life that loves animals. "She isn't just part of the family, she is the family.” After Alfie and Judith moved back to the UK 18 months ago due to Judith’s health, Millie now works her magic in Hereford. Her litter picking antics earn this precious pooch a loving crowd, with passerby’s often drawn in by watching her dispose of litter on demand. Owner Alfie added: “Seeing all these people enjoy what I’m doing is incredible. “When she puts the rubbish in she gets a round of applause, people love it. She makes a real fuss of it.” ENDS

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