Clever pooch comes up with ingenious way of getting in and out of swimming pool THROUGH ITS TINY FILTER

A cheeky water-loving Jack Russell has come up with an ingenious way of getting in and out her owner's high-sided swimming pool by herself - diving through its tiny filter. Footage shows seven-year-old pooch BabyGirl paddling around in the garden pool before swimming towards the outer edge. The little dog then hops into the pool's skimmer basket and pops out of the filter on the side. She then can be seen walking along the edge of the pool in a bid to dry herself off. Owner Melissa Sims, 52, says BabyGirl started the swimming pool hack a few years ago and it has since become part of her daily routine -- with the woofter doing it up to 50 times a day. The lawyer from Illinois, US, said: "It's like an amusement ride for her! "She likes to swim or surf on her surfboard but likes the freedom of getting in and out on her own. "The pool is my boyfriend's and she started using the skimmer basket a few years ago. "At first I was shocked but she just kept doing it. "Now I'm so used to it as she does this about 50 times a day! "At first, she would jump out and on the rocks. "I discouraged her from doing this as I know Jack Russells have problems with their knees. "She came up with the compromise of using the ledge to walk back to the pool. "She will do this all day long and I can tell when she is getting tired. "I will stop her from swimming then and make her take a nap. "When I show friends and family everyone is shocked. "She is so little that it is almost shocking that she can fit through." The video was shot on June 1st 2021.