Cliff Parisi leaves Celebrity MasterChef

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Cliff Parisi has left the BBC show credit:Bang Showbiz
Cliff Parisi has left the BBC show credit:Bang Showbiz

Cliff Parisi has left 'Celebrity MasterChef'.

The 62-year-old actor has been sent home from the BBC cooking show, and he's confessed that it's "hard" to leave the competition when he was so close to the end.

Cliff - who is best known for playing Minty in 'EastEnders' and Fred Buckle in 'Call the Midwife' - said: "I could say that it’s easy, going out at this point - it’s not, it’s hard.

"I’ve come so far and I’ve never ever expected to be here, so it’s all a plus."

'MasterChef' judge John Torode also paid tribute to the actor and his efforts on the show.

John said: "Cliff, your food has been generous, you're good fun. It's been wonderful competition and we’re so sad to see you leave."

Meanwhile, Cliff recently revealed that he lost half a stone in a week after filming 'Celebrity MasterChef'.

The actor was delighted to sign up for the BBC cooking competition, and he's now more health-conscious than ever.

He shared: "I've been trying to eat more of a balanced diet.

"I do soaked oats twice a day. I try to avoid chocolate biscuits, and I’ve lost half a stone this week. I want to stay healthy."

Cliff was actually surprised by how much the culinary show changed him.

He explained: "It evokes emotions, about your childhood, like cakes that granddad used to cook. And when they like what you cook it really wells you up, it’s like they’re acknowledging a bit of you.

"[The judges] John and Gregg [Wallace] become like mummy and daddy, you just want to please them all the time.

"It's like presenting them with your newborn child - you really want them to say it's pretty."