Climate Activists Say Jamming Signal Prevented Heathrow Drone Protest

A group of climate activists attempted to launch a drone near the perimeter of Heathrow Airport early on September 13, only to be foiled, they said, by a jamming signal.

The attempt was broadcast live by the Heathrow Pause group, who are linked to Extinction Rebellion.

The Metropolitan Police said it arrested two men “on public land outside of the perimeter of Heathrow Airport.” There was no breach of security at the airport, police said.

On September 12, police said, four men and three women were arrested in connection with the planned drone protest.

The Met said it had been "preparing for this protest for some weeks.“

Police called the planned protest a “deliberate and criminal targeting of an essential part of the UK’s national infrastructure.”

The Times of London said Heathrow Pause had named the two would-be drone pilots as “Marko and Steffen.” Credit: Heathrow Pause via Storyful