Climate Activists Set Up Blockade Outside UN Pre-COP26 Meeting in Milan

Climate activists protested outside the MiCo convention center in Milan, Italy, on September 30, amid the last ministerial meeting before the UN’s highly touted Glasgow Climate Change Conference, which is scheduled to begin November 1.

Photos posted September 30 and credited to Global Project show one of three blockades around the Milan building where the convention was being held, according to the caption on the photos.

Footage from the same day shows police with riot shields and batons clashing with climate activists outside the convention center.

The activists said they were holding a “Milan Climate Camp,” which Global Project described as four days dedicated to the climate and “against the greenwashing of summits like these, unable to make the right decisions to protect the environment and solve the climate crisis.”

The meeting in Milan, taking place until October 2, sees ministers from several countries discussing some of the key issues that will be addressed at the Glasgow summit, known as COP26.

COP26 was supposed to take place in 2020, but was canceled due to the pandemic. Credit: Global Project via Storyful

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