Climate campaigners from Lewes join others around the UK for the Make Polluters Pay Action Day

Scenes from Libya following the devastating floods caused by Storm Daniel. Picture by Dan Church Aid
Scenes from Libya following the devastating floods caused by Storm Daniel. Picture by Dan Church Aid

Lewes Climate Hub has been taking part in the Make Polluters Pay initiative by hosting a season of art, talks and activities, at Lewes House, 32 High Street, looking at who is affected by climate change and what can be done to call for climate justice.

On Saturday, September 23, there will be a discussion group, an opportunity to join others in writing letters to urge decision makers to support loss and damage reparations to vulnerable communities, and a reflection space.

On September 30, Lewes Extinction Rebellion members and a representative from human rights organisation, the Amos Trust, will talk about how communities on the frontline of the climate crisis are affected.

In between those dates people can visit the art exhibition free of charge at the hub, from 11am-3pm on a Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday.

Christian Aid says rising global temperatures, caused by greenhouse gas emissions, are driving the climate crisis, leading to more frequent and severe climate disasters.

And those who have done the least to cause pollution are paying the highest price with loss of lives, livelihoods and culture – things which can never be replaced – as well as damage to homes, roads and schools which takes vital resources to repair.

Meanwhile those responsible, like fossil fuel corporations, continue to make vast profits: in 2022 the combined total profits of BP, ExxonMobil, Shell and Total Energies was around £125.3 billion.

Governments have agreed to create an international Loss and Damage Fund - but right now, the fund is empty. Make Polluters Pay Action Day is about challenging the UK Government to do something about this.

Liz Lunt, a Christian Aid climate justice campaigner, said: "The Loss and Damage Fund is still empty and those most responsible need to be asked to pay into it so the poorest countries most impacted by climate change can access money to support recovery.

“Make Polluters Pay Action Day is an opportunity to stand in solidarity with those living with the worst impacts of climate breakdown and to call on wealthy countries and fossil fuel corporations to pay for the loss and damage they continue to knowingly cause in pursuit of profit.

“By raising awareness of this situation among those we know and writing to our MP and the Prime Minister we can make a positive difference. An easy way to respond is to sign this online petition:"

To attend the Lewes events, go along to the hub at Lewes House, 32 High Street. And to find out how you can join the campaign, please visit