Climate protesters sit in road and block major bridges in London

Climate protesters say they have "occupied" major bridges in central London, bringing traffic to a standstill.

Dozens of people sat in the road and blocked Westminster Bridge near parliament as they chanted slogans about the climate crisis.

Several people played instruments decorated with the logo of climate activist group Extinction Rebellion (XR).

Lambeth Bridge and Waterloo Bridge were also "occupied", XR said on Twitter, adding: "We won't stand by while an unelected, illegitimate PM with no mandate destroys our future to make millionaires richer."

Members of XR, Just Stop Oil and the Revolutionary Communist Group are marching in London on Saturday.

Meg, a member of Doctors for Extinction Rebellion, said: "This is a climate emergency and people are already dying, more are going to die from the effects of climate change.

"We're acting in line with the values of health professionals who are supposed to try to protect public health and then safeguard people's lives and wellbeing."

One protester, who gave his name as George, held a sign that criticised the Conservatives' "lack of fiscal budget responsibility" along with their record on fossil fuels.

"I think no government can run if it's spending more, like vastly more, than it's bringing in," he said.

"That can't carry on forever."

Other protests are being staged in cities across the UK today as part of a nationwide day of action by the Enough is Enough movement.

The group was founded by trade unions and other community organisations to push back against rising bills and low wages.

Demonstrations are being held in locations including London, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds, Glasgow, Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Norwich, Nottingham and Newcastle, Enough is Enough said.