Climate striker blames 'older generation' and Tories for global warming

Staff writer

A student who helped organise the Climate Strike protests in the Isle of Wight thinks his parents and grandparents' generation are to blame for global warming - and the Conservative Party is also at fault.

Cameron told LBC presenter Andrew Castle that his teachers were understanding of him skipping school because "they know it is our future".

He said: "Our parents' generation, and our grandparents, are the ones which have left us down and put us in this situation."

Castle, 55, asked: "Climate change is our fault, is it?"

Cameron blamed the older generation for voting Tory. He cited the subsidising of fossil fuels and climate-sceptic attitudes as examples of them being at fault.

He added: "They weren't willing to take the action."

Castle finished the call by saying: "He thinks the world is going to end and it's all an older generation's fault."