Head for heights: Climber 'highlines' between two Thai rocks without any safety equipment

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Hayley takes on the highlining challenge in Thailand (Caters)

Climber Hayley Ashburn takes her life into her own hands in this stunning snap - by highlining between two Thai rocks without any safety equipment.

The 24-year-old adrenaline junkie edged across the line at Mai Leung, Thailand without a protection or harness over water just one foot deep - meaning one slip could be fatal.

And not content with taking on the highlining challenge without protection, Hayley also highlined in lowlit sunrise conditions completely naked.

Hayley and her traveling friends discovered the spectacular spot while travelling by boat along the coast looking for somewhere different from the popular climbing area of Tonsai.

And after two days of travel Mai Leung eventually came into their sights and they couldn't resist jumping ashore and climbing the rocks in the bay.

Hayley, from San Francisco, USA, said: "It's not a well-known spot - there are tons of amazing cliffs in Thailand yet to be discovered.

"Most climbers stick to the classic climbs on Tonsai but if you travel by boat it's possible to find spectacular, unclimbed rock like this.

"I found Mai Leung on a trip with my friends while looking for new climbs and highlines.

"Mai Leung - which is Thai for a small pokey stick - stuck out as an obviously fun object to climb so we came ashore and started setting up.

Highlining differs from tightrope walking as climbers do not the trademark horizontal balancing pole, and also tread across a more flexible material known as 'tubular nylon webbing'.

Hayley added: "The height changed depending on the hour of day and the level of tide. The ocean was moving eight feet vertically between morning and night when we were climbing.

"So at high tide the water was deep enough to fall into without injury but at low tide the line was over dry land and a fall would be very dangerous.

"I walked naked to feel free, being out on the line without anything on my body at sunrise was magical and beautiful and I'd do it again in a heartbeat.

"It was for the thrill and the fun of being naked in the wilderness where nobody is around to see."