'Close Call': Climbers Witness Landslide on the French Side of Mont Blanc Massif

Climbers watched in shock as rocks were spotted tumbling down along the Aiguille du Midi mountain in Chamonix, France, video uploaded on August 30 shows.

Video recorded by Nicholas Lozica while hiking near the Cosmiques ridge shows a series of large rocks tumbling down a mountain, creating clouds of dust and crashing into the snow below. The footage goes on to reveal another group of climbers further below, beyond where the debris fell.

In a comment on his Instagram post, Lozica wrote that after witnessing the incident, he “was shaking in [his] boots for the rest of the day.”

According to a local report, several guide companies along the Mont Blanc massif suspended their services for the first half of August, as a recent heat wave destabilized terrain in the region, which made certain routes very dangerous. Credit: Nicholas Lozica via Storyful

Video transcript

- Golly. Oh, dude, it's lights out, totally.


Damn, look at those people. Whoo-hoo. They had a-- Wow, that's a close call, damn. Oy.

- Wow, I'm scared right now.

- Half the Cosmiques ridge just disappeared.

- Yeah, right. There were climbers on there before.

- Right now.

- Yeah.

- Right down there?

- That's the Cosmiques ridge.

- That's the Cosmiques there.

- Really?

- Yes.

- I thought it said there's no climbing group because this is so--

- Red on top.

- Yeah, that lay on top.

- But it looked like it came from the top, right?

- Ooh-wee. Way it's getting, yeah. Ooh-wee. Let's go to Syria.


- Well, we're safe. There's no ice here.

- Holy [MUTED]. Holy [MUTED].

- Chunky monkey.

- What's that?

- Where are you up in storm?

- Aw, shit.