Close Call: Houston Man Starts Fire While Trying to Cook Tater Tots

Houston resident Donavan Barron almost set his apartment on fire when he was trying to cook some tater tots, video posted to Twitter on October 7 shows.

The footage shows Barron getting ready to dump a full plate of frozen tater tots into a pan filled with hot oil before things go awry.

As soon as the tater tots hit the pan, oil splashes onto the burner, plumes of smoke pour from the pan, and flames leap from the burner.

Barron can be heard screaming for his housemate, as he tosses the pan of bubbling oil into the sink before grabbing a cup of water to extinguish the flame.

Unfortunately, as Barron pours the water onto the grease fire, it only makes it ignite more, a common mistake with grease fires.

At the end of the video, Barron’s housemate enters the kitchen after the flames have died down, saying, “but you don’t put water on it,” followed by laughter and lighthearted exchanges between the lucky pair. No injuries were reported at the time of writing. Credit: Donavan Barron via Storyful