'Close Your Windows!' Massive Dust Cloud Engulfs Amarillo Amid Storm Warnings

A large dust storm, also known as a haboob, swept over Amarillo, Texas, on Tuesday, May 10, following storm warnings for the area.

Footage captured by Twitter user @drpenn shows the cloud in Bushland, a small community west of Amarillo, on Tuesday evening. They later posted an image of a rainbow after the storm passed.

On Wednesday, the National Weather Service forecasted large hail and “damaging wind gusts” in the area throughout the day. Credit: @drpenn via Storyful

Video transcript


- Geez!

- Wow.

- That's dirty.

- It looks like it's just going to be dirt though.

- Close your windows and let's get some Saran Warp on.

- Close it around.

- Caleb, let's get a--

- Phew.

- OK, inside. Those houses are getting covered. Come on, kids.

- Coming.

- Do you not wish to be caught in that. Come on.

- I'm coming. I'm coming.