Cloud of Bees Swarm Salt Lake City Home

A beekeeping enthusiast lured a swarm of bees to his home in Salt Lake City, Utah, attracting a cloud of the insects by putting out an empty hive for swarms looking for a new home in the Beehive State.

Michael Mower, who recorded this video on May 2, told Storyful, “I have captured several of these swarms and then transferred them to one of my hives. If you get the queen, the success rate is rather good,” he said. “What I have done last year and this year is put out vacant hive boxes with an attractant and nice conditions to attract the hive to my box, rather than going out and collecting them.”

The video shows a swarm of bees on Mower’s home, around their prospective new hive, and investigating Mower’s hand.

“It is really surreal to witness and ridiculously exciting,” he said. “The buzzing is so loud you can hear it from inside the house.”

Mower said the bees will buzz around for a while and eventually collect at the face of the hive box. Once the queen bee is inside, the rest will follow.

“Having them come to a hive that I prepared for them is phenomenally satisfying,” he said. Credit: Michael Mower via Storyful

Video transcript


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