S Club 7: Paul Cattermole reveals being in band was the ‘worst situation to be in’ financially

Ellie Harrison
Rex Features

S Club 7 star Paul Cattermole has revealed that being in the band was the “worst situation to be in” financially.

Cattermole, who quit the group in 2002, made headlines last year after he was found to be selling his Brit award on eBay for a reported £60,000, and during an appearance on Loose Women he said he owed some £30,000 in taxes and more in legal fees.

The singer has now claimed that Simon Fuller, who created the band and managed the Spice Girls, was signed to Polydor as S Club 7, while Cattermole and the other six were just affiliates.

He told The Guardian this was “the worst situation to be in”, recalling that he was unable to afford a £100 bottle of wine even while he was in “one of the world’s biggest pop groups”.

Cattermole added that he “got a pittance” from the profits of the S Club 7 range of Hasbro dolls.

In the interview, Cattermole also appears to reveal that he was forced into his five-year relationship with band member Hannah Spearritt. He said their romance was written into their TV show Hollywood 7, adding: “and because of that, it sort of happened”.

Cattermole, who has been working odd jobs in recent years, will make an appearance on First Dates Hotel on Channel 4 on Thursday 12 September.