CNN Sums Up Donald Trump's Lack Of Scientific Credentials With 1 Stinging Graphic

Lee Moran
·Reporter, HuffPost
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CNN used a stinging graphic to point out the folly of President Donald Trump’s contradiction of his own administration’s experts during the coronavirus pandemic.

On Thursday’s broadcast of “New Day,” host John Berman compared Trump’s medical qualifications with those of Robert Redfield, the Trump-appointed director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Trump this week contradicted Redfield on the timeline for a vaccine (the president said it would be available as soon as October; Redfield said mid-2021) and on the importance of wearing face masks during the pandemic.

The left side of CNN’s graphic showed Redfield’s extensive credentials — from his medical degree from Georgetown University to his 20 years serving in the U.S. Army Medical Corps.

On the right appeared Trump’s sole medical-related achievement — that his uncle, John Trump, was a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

“He also lies about everything from crowd sizes to injecting disinfectant, so there’s that,” added Berman.

Check out the clip here:


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